Our Courses

IV Therapy Workshop

Our new IV Therapy Worshop will help to keep your skills up to date and aligned with the requirements in acute primary care setting. 

Care of the Acutely Unwell

This study day focuse on using the ABCDE approach on various clinical indications, to manage the care of acutely unwell in adults in primary care settings. 

Mandatory Training

Aligned with Skills for Health, our Statutory Training will keep you compliant with your Trust or Agency for another year.

Tissue Viability

Improve the quality of life of your patients from admission to discharge. 

Medication Awareness

This course will keep you update about medication helping you preventing drug errors.  

Clinical Skills Workshop

Specially createad for Healthcare assistants, to help you to improve your skills and expand your opportunities of work.   

PMVA ( Mayday Group Employees only)

Built specifically for our RMN's. 

Safeguarding Children Level 3

In-depth support and guidance for safeguarding children 

Understanding and Assessing Mental Capacity

Do you have capacity to make a decision?

Dementia Awareness

 How can we provide quality care to our aging population?