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Requirements for NMC revalidation


10. Are there any exceptional circumstances if I cannot meet revalidation requirements?

 The NMC have special arrangements in place for nurses and midwives who cannot meet the revalidation requirements as a result of exceptional circumstances. By exceptional circumstances they mean that you have not been in practice for sufficient time between October 2015 when the revalidation guidance was published and your revalidation application date(for example, if you have been on maternity leave or sick leave) to meet the additional requirements, or you cannot meet one or more of the requirements at any time because a protected characteristic under the Equality Act may apply. If you are able to establish that exceptional circumstances apply in your case, you will still need to meet the Prep requirements for renewal. Please see NMC guidance sheet on exceptional circumstances for further information atwww.nmc.org.uk/standards/revalidation/revalidation-guidance-and-resources