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Requirements for NMC revalidation


4. Reflections and Discussions

 You must record a minimum of five written reflections and discussions relating to the Code, your CPD and practice related feedback.You must have a professional development discussion with another NMC registered nurse and cover your reflections relating to the above. You MUSTuse either the NMC Reflective accounts form template (available on our website).The NMC registered nurse is required to record their NMC Pin, e-mail, professional address, and postcode, as well as the date you had the discussion.While this discussion can form part of your wider confirmation discussion, it is not the same as obtaining confirmation. If you work with Mayday Healthcare on a full time or regular basis, you will be given access to Mayday Healthcare Reflective Discussion Partner. To book your Reflection Discussion Appointment email us at; revalidation@mayday.co.uk