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Requirements for NMC revalidation


7. Confirmation from a third party – Mayday Healthcare

Your third party confirmer will be someone who is considered to be your line manager and doesn’t need to be NMC registered. However, to provide the best support possible to our Nurses third party confirmers at Mayday Healthcare will be NMC registered.Your confirmer will verify the declarations within your application in a face-to-face meeting and you will have to demonstrate that you have met all of the revalidation requirements before they can sign and date the confirmation form.The NMC recommend that you obtain your confirmation during the final 12 months of the three-year registration period to ensure that it is recent. If your confirmation is produced earlier, you may be asked to explain why.It’s likely that your confirmer will also conduct your annual appraisals, that way you can keep your confirmer up-to-date with all of your revalidation preparation.If you work with Mayday Healthcare on a full time or regular basis, you will be given access to a Mayday Confirmer for your third party confirmation.To book your Confirmation Appointment email us at; revalidation@mayday.co.uk