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Requirements for NMC revalidation


3. Practice Related Feedback

 You must present at least five pieces of practice related feedback. The feedback can be informal / formal, written or verbal and from a number of sources including patients, service users, students and  colleagues.If you do obtain practice related feedback from a patient, please remember to get their consent first and anonymise the content.You can collect feedback based on your individual performance or on your team, unit, ward or  organisation’s performance. However, you will need to be clear on how this has specifically impacted your individual performance.

Format of feedback collected:

Feedback can be received verbally or written, formal or informal and it does not need to be from fellow nurses or midwives. It could be from colleagues in management, on reception, office administration, or fellow teachers and academics.Mayday Healthcare timesheets have been designed specifically to enable you tocollect feedback based on your individual performance.